A company designed to put scientific knowledge into practice. Helps companies improve productivity and performance by optimising processes. Does this by providing the right people with the right know-how.

Who are we?

Engimat is a leading company with over 30 years of experience in industrial automation and robotics. We support companies with technical know-how to improve their productivity and operations.

Engimat is the reference in more than 150 leading companies in various sectors, such as automotive, life sciences and healthcare, food and agriculture, metallurgy and manufacturing.

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Way of working

01 Problem

A good start is half the work. That is why we map out the assignment together with the customer in the first phase. What needs to be done? What are the associated profile requirements?

Step 1
02 Finding a match

Our team of experienced consultants, combined with our market knowledge and a profound understanding of your business, enables us to achieve the perfect match.

Step 2
03 Execution

The designated consultant starts with the execution of the assignment. We maintain a regular follow-up with our consultant on site to ensure the best possible result for your company.

Step 3
04 Follow-up

We stay in regular contact with you to get to know your current needs and your wishes for the future. We are always willing to help and support where needed.

Step 4
Years of experience
Projects competed
Happy clients


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